About Us

Mambo Interiors is a Kenyan interior design and furniture store located in Nairobi along ring road Kilimani that specializes in locally handcrafted furniture and interior fit-out solutions for any space and budget.  We seek to bring you a new way to buying furniture by trying to break away from the influx of mass produced furniture to made-to-order furniture designed your way. By doing this, we are able to reduce our operating costs drastically which in turn is transformed into price advantage for you, the customer.

Why you?

Our focus throughout each and every project is you. Because you know what you love and what exactly works best for you. A color scheme: red or black, a texture: silky or velvety, a style: maybe sleek contemporary or traditional country. 

This makes you the secret ingredient in designing or choosing furniture. You are the reason why we don’t stock furniture but only make-to-order.

Our style & belief

Sometimes furniture on showroom floors just does not fit perfectly in the room you have. That’s  why we are not a “one-size-fits all” system, neither do we promote a uniform style, rather we believe  and regard furnishing of your space as a conscious arrangement of different pieces put together that grows and changes with regard to your taste and preference. 

You are the only one who can define these pieces. Our style is therefore driven by you. Modern, traditional, contemporary, victorian, ethnic…anything goes, but it goes in a way that we instantly recognize as your choice.

Our success

Mambo Interiors has a rich success story that illustrates its dramatic transition from a ‘virtual unknown’ to a significant force in the industry. Our work has since found its way in the serviced apartment space, VIP lounges and commercial outlets in the high end locales of Nairobi city. We have supplied assorted furniture to individuals in the expatriate community, estate developers, dream house owners, entrepreneurs, Kenya celebrities and studio house tenants among many others, stretching our offering further to homes in Kisumu, Kericho, Eldoret, Mombasa, Uganda, Ghana and London!


When It All Began

Back in 2008, at the backyard of their home, JP& Carol sort to make themselves a couch. This was after months of searching for the perfect seating in vain. They drew this inspiration from the woodwork classes that JP took in his high school days and an inner desire to have a unique couch that fit their budget. 

After several weeks of patience and detailed attention, the couple’s first ever couch was complete! Excited at what they saw, they decided to design and make furniture ‘for people of their like’. They converted their backyard into a small workshop and their living room into a display area/showroom.

So much has since changed. What started as a pet project behind their backyard has now turned into a company committed to helping people own furniture that suits their style and budget. 

Jean-Paul Mambo Otieno is a self-taught artist responsible for charting the company’s business direction and doubles up as the lead designer of every project. He graduated from Egerton University. 

Carol Kathungu-Mambo is involved in directing the operations and financial control of the business and brings in a wealth of experience in process re-engineering and project management. She heads the interior décor consultation and marketing for Mambo Interiors and holds a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Nairobi.

For more details please visit our showroom or contact us on:

0723 737 100 or 0722 247 547


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